Canterbury Rugby Union Club

Our History

Prior to 1908, Canterbury residents interested in rugby would have played in the competitions conducted by the Western Suburbs Association. In 1907, noted players such as Dally Messenger joined a breakaway movement which split rugby into two codes, union and league. The defection of its best players greatly weakened union. For 50 years after the split, Canterbury rugby union players took part in neighbouring competitions eg. Whiddon Cup 1947.

On Wednesday 13th November, 1959 the inaugural meeting of Canterbury Districts Junior Rugby Union Club was held at the private premises of local businessman, Bruce Forsyth.

From this point forward, his keenness for the code led to him knocking on doors to obtain players. So successful was he that from 1959 to 1965 the club won every premiership from the `firsts`…the under 21s, down to the `sixths`…under 10s.

These successes led in 1965 to the formation of the Canterbury-Bankstown Rugby Club Senior which entered the senior Sydney Second Division competition with four graded sides the following year. It was here that Canterbury won its first premiership, the Fourth Grade. During the following eleven years, Canterbury won eight further grand finals. These included first grades in 1973 and 1976, but in the latter year, Canterbury`s strength became evident when it won its first club championship. From its strength stemmed its eighteen representative players of the Sydney Rugby Union, including three captains - D.Collett 1968, R.Lum 1970 and G.Landry 1972-73 and the rest is history.....